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There was no preparing for her storm.


When they met her, she was a whirlwind of shadows and darkness. Standing among the ashes of betrayal and grief, now she is a tempest of rage and malice. Queen Scarlett Aditya will hunt them all down, one by one, and make them pay. Starting with the one who took her brightest star from her. 


She knows she will come for her. Her betrayal was too great. She deserves the storm of fury that will end her, but until then Queen Talwyn Semiria will protect a secret that could turn the tides in the coming war. But when the time comes to pay for her sins, will she be able to give up everything? And will it even be enough? 


A kingdom wrapped in mystery, locked away behind wards to protect its secrets. That is where the last hope of King Callan Solgard lies to get his throne back. But does he even want it any more? Will it cost him more than what he’s already lost? Or will new nightmares draw him from the light and into the darkness?

It’s time to start a fire and let it burn.

Lady of Embers is book 4 of 5 in the Lady of Darkness series. It is a new adult, dark fantasy romance novel. It may have triggers of love-hate themes, sexual scenes, graphic violence/gore, and jealous/possessive themes. It will end on a cliffhanger.



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