About the Author

Hi! You’ve found my little nook of the Internet, and I think that’s so cool! I’m a fantasy romance author, mother, wife, homeschool teacher, dyslexia tutor, obsessive reader, holistic living pursuer, and dragon lover.

A little over a year ago, we moved our little family from Bismarck, North Dakota (yes, that little flyover state just below Canada) to an even smaller town. We purchased a little 25 acre farmstead where we grow all the things, homeschool our three boys, and enjoy every day of rural life.

We went through some hard times. (You can read all about that in my blog posts.) But I believe that Jesus always brings beauty from even the harshest of ashes, and one of the things that came from that was making sure we’re not waiting for the timing to be just right. I stopped caring about what other people thought of me and started LIVING, and part of that is pursuing dreams.

So, nope, I didn’t go to school for writing. In fact, my business degree is firmly sitting in my rarely used pile. I’ve done various jobs over the years from bank teller to legal secretary to barista to boutique owner to stay-at-home mom. Each and every one of those things taught me something, and I’m grateful for them. But even more so, I’m so grateful to the authors who went before more. Who started writing in their thirties and forties. Who paved the way for women who wanted to pursue their dreams. Who broke down the walls of the publishing world to make that dream more attainable.

And I’m grateful for YOU! For the people who found me when I was slinging skirts in my LuLaRoe days (yep, I did that!). For the people who loved me hard through the loss of our two girls. For the readers who have discovered me since I started sharing Scarlett’s story with the world. To the community that has continued to support and encourage me along the way. This is me telling YOU that I’m cheering you on too! Chase your dreams! It’s NOT too late! I’m living proof!

Cheers to you and to giving zero fucks about what anyone else has to say about your dreams and goals. You’ve got this!