This interview took place before Lady of Starfire.

Q: What is your favorite memory from your early days after Sorin brought you into the Court?

A: I had been thieving and manipulating for so long, the idea of just being given a home seemed too good to be true. I would sneak down to the kitchen pantries at night and steal food to keep in my rooms because I just knew they’d figure me out someday. I had the food packed and ready to go for the day I needed to leave. I had been there nearly a year before Eliza met me in the cellar one night. She wasn’t the Fire General yet, but she was down there, sharpening a blade. She told me I was stupid for not realizing they’d known from day one that I was stealing. I mean, Rayner had tracked me down in the Court. Obviously he knew what I was doing and was reporting back to Sorin. Then she said she understood not trusting the idea of having a home, but now it was time to stop. They’d given me a year to adjust, and if I didn’t stop hoarding all the chocolates, she was going to haul me to the private training pits and kick my ass. That was the last time I stole out of perceived necessity, and the first time I let myself believe the Fire Court could actually be home.

Q: What were your thoughts upon learning Scarlett was Death’s Maiden? And meeting the rest of the Wraiths? Have you had a chance to get in trouble with them yet?

A: After the initial shock wore off and Eliza quit blubbering on about how she couldn’t believe a Wraith of Death had been living with us, I was skeptical. Sure, she was good with a blade, but after seeing her throw fits about food for months, I had a hard time believing it. (Scarlett flipping him off while he speaks.) Then I saw them all together when we went to the Night Child territory… And I was even more skeptical. Seriously, they are ridiculous. But, fuck, are they vicious when they let their Wraiths out to play. I am not sure what I enjoy more– joining in their carnage or watching the chaos unfold in their wake. Of course, with Nuri bound to Alaric and Juliette now the Oracle, there hasn’t been much time for either. 

Q: What was the biggest/most interesting job you did when thieving with Merrik?

A, snorts a huff of laughter: Maybe not the most interesting, but definitely my favorite. There were some Lords’ sons in Aelyndee. A bunch of pricks who thought they were better than everyone else. Some of our friends there told us the males had tried to discreetly purchase some mugweed. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know how to be discreet. Equally unfortunate for them, they clearly had never smoked it before. Merrik and I tracked them down, laughed while they choked and coughed on their first attempts to smoke it. Then we ran towards, acting as messengers, and told them their fathers were looking for them. They panicked, not wanting to get caught with the mugweed and appear less than the noble bastards they were. We graciously offered to “help them out.” We also stole all their coin and gold pocket-watches. We used the coin to buy food for nearly a month, and we traded the watches for more mugweed.

Q: How do you stay humorous with everything you’ve been through?

A: Merrik and I were always joking around and being assholes together, but it came in handy when pulling jobs. Be the good-natured, easy-going male to hide the cunning thief beneath. But to be honest… There are times I have to force it. Not in a bad way, but when the memories become too much… I need the humor, or they’d consume me. I have let them consume me. After Merrik… After Thia…. (Clears throat) Sometimes it’s find something to laugh at or drown in the past. 

Q: What was the “this is it. He is it for me” moment for you about Cass?

A, shifting uncomfortably and avoiding eye contact:  Not that it matters anymore, but he… I don’t know when I realized I would go back to Aelyndee for him. It was all the little things that added up over time, I guess.

Q: Do you have have a wing fetish like the rest of us? Is that your kink?

A, with a smirk:  No, Darling. Wings are not my kink.

Scarlett: Then what is?

A: When you’re brave enough for more experiences, maybe you’ll find out.

Scarlett, scowling at him: Fuck, Marry, Kill- Yours truly, Eliza, Neve?

A: Fuck you because you’re so interested in experiences.

Scarlett, grumbling: I hate you.

A, speaking over her: Marry Eliza, and kill Neve.

Scarlett: Poor Neve.

A, shrugging: She prefers females. She’d be happier this way too.

Q: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Sorin, Rayner, Briar?

A: Rayner, Briar, Sorin.

Scarlett: Wow. You didn’t even have to think about killing off Sorin.

Cyrus, winking at her: We’ve discussed this before. We are all in agreement.

Scarlett: What do you mean you’ve discussed this before?!

Cyrus: I mean, Rayner has some skills and then you add his smoke and ashes? Briar is the ideal mate. So Sorin is the obvious choice to kill.

Scarlett, looking at Sorin: You are okay with this?

Sorin, taking a sip of liquor to hide his smirk: He’s right. Rayner has some skills.

Scarlett, cheeks flushing and grumbling: Godsdamnit. Final Question: What is your definition of happiness?

A: Liquor, mugweed, and finally beating your ass in billiards, Darling.