Lady of Starfire (Lady of Darkness Book 5)

The Final Game Begins.

Scarlett Sutara Aditya has finally learned the full cost to save her world and correct mistakes that are not hers, but she refuses to accept the fate that has been decided for her. Making demands of her own, she fights for her twin flame, her family, and the realm that balances on her destiny.  She has always played games by her own rules, but this time, winning might cost her everything.

The broken are remade. The lost are found. Fate is defied, and new destinies are forged as the realm comes together to defend what is theirs. Kings will fall, and Queens will rise. Power is lost, and Chaos is born. Truth can be uncovered in the darkness, but some secrets can only be found among the stars.

Lady of Darkness Book 5 will be the last book in the Lady of Darkness Series! It is a new adult dark fantasy and romance novel. It may have triggers of love-hate themes, sexual scenes, graphic violence/gore, and jealous/possessive themes.

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