This interview took place before Lady of Starfire.

Q: What was your first impression of Scarlett?

A: The first time I saw Scarlett she was on a horse with Sorin racing for the border. She was injured, and Sorin was frantic. It was chaos with the Night Children and Callan. To be frank, I didn’t give her a second glance until her power exploded in the room and threw us all into the walls and furniture. Then I was more concerned with not letting a mortal prince die in our territory. So I guess my first impression of her was that she was volatile and brash…which proved to be accurate.

Q: Who is your favorite person (not including Tula because we all know she’s your number one)?

A: Eliza. She’s the only one of my family who’s not a busybody.

Q: After the war, do you have any special places you want to take or show Tula?

A: When she’s older, I want to take her back to all the places she’s already been: the mortal lands, the Courts, Avonleya. Her entire life has been spent in the dark and wicked corners of the world, running from nightmares she doesn’t even know are chasing her. She’ll know that light can be found anywhere, even if it doesn’t look like light to others.

Q: You are good with children. How did that come about?

A: Only one. I am good with one child. Because of my sisters. Breya in particular. Breya was around Tula’s age when… Any perceived adeptness with children is because of my sisters.

Q: What is your favorite Fire Court memory?

A: The night that Eliza officially accepted her title as Fire Court General. It was the night our Inner Court was complete. I had… I had promised Aravis I would find another family, and that night, as we celebrated her new role in the Court, it felt like I had finally kept a promise to her.

Q: Do you have any hobbies besides….whatever watching thing you do?

A: No. (Sighing after a pointed look from Sorin.) I can cook. A lot of the meals we eat at the Fire Court, I prepare.

Scarlett: Wait, what?

Rayner: Next question.

Scarlett: Do you bake too?

Rayner: Scarlett.

Scarlett, smirking: Fine. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Nuri, Arianna, Kailia.

A: *unimpressed stare*

Scarlett: Sorin, Cyrus, Briar?

A: No.

Q: Have you ever been with someone in the Courts? Someone we know? Can you give us a name?

A: *lips twitching to contain a smirk*

Q: Is that even your thing?

A: *brow arching*

Q: Fine. Last question. Do you take a female out to eat first, or do you eat before you go? Nuri’s wondering.

Nuri: Damn right I am.

A: Tell you what, your Majesty. I’ve had some of those experiences with Sorin. He can answer these questions for you.